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Hiring a high quality cleaning service is a true luxury, meet House of Services. We are specialized in providing all type of cleaning services to Commercial, Industrial, Office, Schools, Warehouse and Retail.


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Whether it be commercial, industrial or even residential cleaning, House of Services is the brand throughout Calgary. House of Services provide customizable cleaning and maintenance program for warehouses, offices, stores, and many more. It doesn’t matter how big or small your property is, we can tailor our cleaning services to fit your requirements; schedule, space, and budget.

Weekly, Bi-weekly or daily cleaning services are available. We are environment conscious company so we use only techniques which are environment friendly and products with WHMIS labels. Our jobs are completed to meet customer expectations. We offer 24/7 services, any special requests are always welcome for consideration. We are also covered by WCB insurance. For Best Services and best rates contact us anytime.

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We take customer service seriously. It takes more time to develop a custom solution for your home and to make sure we consistently adhere to the plan.


We are Pet Friendly

We love pets and all our cleaners are pre-screened to not be allergic or afraid of pets.


We are Insured

We are fully covered by WCB and other insurances.


We Clean Green

We work with cleaning products all day and don’t want to be breathing in stuff that is sure to harm us long term.

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